At FFP we strive to offer the same high standards of Physiotherapy treatment and care and the same approach to rehabilitation to everyone who walks through the door. All our physios will take their years of experience of working with elite sportsmen and women, sports teams, musculoskeletal and orthopaedic patients and post-operative patients to provide the treatments to best suit your individual needs and form a personalised rehabilitation plan to optimize your journey back to Full Function – no matter what that may be. However, before specific treatment and rehabilitation plans can be developed it is vital that an accurate diagnosis is formed in regards to your injury as well as identifying the primary causes driving your complaint. This process will take place primarily during your initial assessment and will continue throughout any subsequent treatment sessions – allowing a more personalised and patient-led approach to be taken – as highlighted in our philosophy statement. This will help to optimize your return to Full Function as well as minimizing the chances of re-injury occurring long-term.